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Don't wait for BURNOUT to consume your life because there just isn't enough time for professional development. 

Join the BOT Portal and Receive DAILY OT INSPIRATION with 24/7 access to the highest quality resources designed by a busy OTP for busy OTPs. 



What is included? 

Your investment gives you resources to save you stress, self-doubt, and burnout as you become a confident and competent practitioner who can stand up for your professional point of view and scope of practice. 

A home for busy OT students and practitioners  who need resources, encouragement, and inspiration. 

BOT Portal is a place where inspiration comes to you, and you don't feel so alone.



Imagine Feeling Confident in Any Room You Enter



"Every person you meet knows something you don't; learn from them". 

H. Jackson  Brown Jr.


Being a busy occupational therapy practitioner, I could not benefit from direct mentorship. My experience, strength, and success have come from indirect mentorship. Observing professional peers, continuing education, reading research and self-help literature, surrounding myself with those who were doing what I wanted to do, podcasts, etc. 

What skills can be learned from indirect mentorship? Self-directed learning, critical thinking, active listening, time management, adaptability, reflection, and so much more! 

BOT Portal Resources is an opportunity for you to grow while continuing to live your busy life!

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Download some of our most popular resources!

Attention and Memory Handout

Description: This handout includes 4 unique pages including, (1) Attention hierarchy (2) Types of memory (3) How do you make a memory? (4) Your Memory

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IADL Problem Solving Activity Booklet

Description: 19 Pages of IADL Problem Solving / Answer Scenarios

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No More Fear!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, scared, or lacking confidence as an Occupational Therapy (OT) practitioner? Do you find yourself struggling with imposter syndrome, feeling unsure about treatment interventions, and wondering how to navigate a world seemingly built for physical therapy? Fear not, for there is a solution that can revolutionize your practice and reignite your passion for OT! Introducing the BOT Portal, the most comprehensive OT resource on the internet. 🌟✨

Transformation Pathway


Transform Yourself: This journey will give you wings and offer you a foundation of growth! You will be transformed into a confident clinician who is ready to use their full scope of practice and defend it. 

Professional Development Journey: Embark on a 16-lesson guide that takes you on a journey of enhancing your professional development skills.

Interactive Experience: Dive into an interactive learning experience that keeps you actively engaged and enhances your understanding.

Join the Community: Connect with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and gain support from a vibrant and supportive community.

I Need This!

"The experience is what you make it." 


A Structured Learning Experience

There is a 100-page PDF guide that you can access as well as powerpoints in each phase & stage to guide your transformation to clinical confidence! 

First Phase

How will you feel? 

+ Confident that you are not an imposter as you re-discover how much you know about the therapeutic process.

+ Empowered after completing the Occupational Therapy 101 Pathway (refresh foundations) 

Equipped with resources and training at your fingertips to be the best practitioner at your site.



Second Phase

How will you feel?

+ Supported as you ask your questions and contribute to a community FAQ resource

+ Encouraged as you engage in facilitated community-building goals

+ Satisfied after answering others' questions and sharing your intellectual wealth with your professional community 


Third Phase

How will you feel?

+ Qualified to articulate your value as an occupational therapy practitioner. 

+ Self-assured when explaining case studies and treatment plan rationales

+ Assertive when defending the full scope of OT practice.



Fourth Phase

How will you feel?

+ Strong after defining the professional strengths that separate you from others

+ Proud of the professional profile you will build on Linked In after completing your Curriculum Vitae

+ Actionable as you step into a leadership role within your profession. 



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The BOT Portal Resources are constantly evolving. It is a place for occupational therapy practitioners to embrace occupational therapy. Whether in pediatrics, outpatient, skilled nursing, inpatient, home health, or telemedicine, learning the information in the Portal will change your career.