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2024 CMS OT Billing Resource

A must-have guide to CMS documentation expectations. A 14-page document of the most popular occupational therapy billing codes and what CMS has to say about them (across all settings!)

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"I absolutely LOVE the disease profiles which gives you all of the information you need from pathophysiology to treatment ideas. I have learned a lot about varying diagnoses and how to treat them with actual interventions. I didn't learn interventions in school. I've gained WAY more confidence in myself and my ability to communicate OT and what I do."

- Stephanie Hymes

"I love having the ability to brainstorm clinical problems with people I don't work with, and access to a ton of treatment information. I have learned to expand my ability to treat physically involved patients and be confident in my knowledge that OT is more than just sitting at a table doing fine motor skills."

- Lauren Framer

"My favorite part about BOT is growing and talking in a community of OTs striving to learn more about being more holistic in care and not being afraid to use all the parts of the OTPF in actual practice! I have learned to not be afraid of standing, walking, dynamic balance, or other types of "PT" Movements because it does help my patients reach their goals".

- Chrissy Amatangelo

Enhancing Stability and Balance through Gaze Shift Training

Jun 14, 2024

Seated Upper Body Activity with Gross and Fine Movements

Jun 07, 2024

Personalization Matters in Rehabilitation

Jun 07, 2024

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I am an occupational therapist who needed a one-stop shop for relevant OT resources that would help my patients reach their goals and a community of other professionals wanting to use their full scope of practice in adult settings. I did not have time for one-on-one mentorship programs (life is just too busy), but I did want evidence-based resources and intervention ideas, to be surrounded by like-minded professionals, and to make sure I was always growing personally and professionally. BOT Portal  Resources and CEUs are for busy OT students and practitioners who, like me, have very little time for interaction but want to ensure they are using resources and interventions grounded in sound science-based rationale and are held accountable for growing personally and professionally.

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