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BOT Portal Online is the only occupational therapy resource, training, and community you need to ensure you make the transition from "student" to "clinician"! The only choice for students looking to be full-scope practitioners in any practice setting. BOT specializes in helping you become a clinician. Successful and confident clinicians can use the full OT domain and process in any place setting they choose and with any age group. Embrace transformation.

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Convert your "Student Mindset" to a "Clinical Mindset"

  • Do you feel like you need to transform from “student mindset” to “clinical mindset"?  
  • Do you feel like you have ZERO time to do LIVE courses, programs, and masterclasses in order to better yourself as a new career clinician? 
  • Do you need structure and someone to give you a step-by-step path for transformation so that you don’t have to figure it out on your own? 
  • Are you sick of googling questions and pinteresting for ideas for interventions because you have no idea where to begin? 
  • Do you want to be mentored by a seasoned practitioner, but don’t know how you would fit that in your tight and exhausting schedule?
  • Do you need an optimized, searchable database of training, resources, intervention clips, and printables? 
  • Do you need a community (family) of like-minded practitioners who are there for you when you need them and in a way that is most convenient for you?

The BOT Portal Offers You Every Solution!

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Combines a One-of-a-Kind Self-Guided

OT Mentorship Experience with

an Optimized

OT Resource Database

There is no other occupational therapy membership platform designed by an occupational therapy practitioner to take someone from a "student mindset" to a clinical mindset" so that they can succeed in their role as an occupational therapy practitioner in every setting. The value given through BOT Resources is untouched.






Transformation Pathway


Transform Yourself: This journey will give you wings and offer you a foundation of growth! You will be transformed into a confident clinician who is ready to use their full scope of practice and defend it. 

Professional Development Journey: Embark on a 16-lesson guide that takes you on a journey of enhancing your professional development skills.

Interactive Experience: Dive into an interactive learning experience that keeps you actively engaged and enhances your understanding.

Join the Community: Connect with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and gain support from a vibrant and supportive community.

I Need This!

2023-2024 Challenge Cohort Dates will be Announced Soon!


The BOT Resource Portal is still accessible! 

First Phase

How will you feel? 

+ Confident that you are not an imposter as you re-discover how much you know about the therapeutic process.

+ Empowered after completing the Occupational Therapy 101 Pathway (refresh foundations) 

Equipped with resources and training at your fingertips to be the best practitioner at your site.



Second Phase

How will you feel?

+ Supported as you ask your questions and contribute to a community FAQ resource

+ Encouraged as you engage in facilitated community-building goals

+ Satisfied after answering others' questions and sharing your intellectual wealth with your professional community 


Third Phase

How will you feel?

+ Qualified to articulate your value as an occupational therapy practitioner. 

+ Self-assured when explaining case studies and treatment plan rationales

+ Assertive when defending the full scope of OT practice.



Fourth Phase

How will you feel?

+ Strong after defining the professional strengths that separate you from others

+ Proud of the professional profile you will build on Linked In after completing your Curriculum Vitae

+ Actionable as you step into a leadership role within your profession. 



No More Fear!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, scared, or lacking confidence as an Occupational Therapy (OT) practitioner? Do you find yourself struggling with imposter syndrome, feeling unsure about treatment interventions, and wondering how to navigate a world seemingly built for physical therapy? Fear not, for there is a solution that can revolutionize your practice and reignite your passion for OT! Introducing the BOT Portal, the most comprehensive OT resource on the internet. 🌟✨

Stop Losing Sleep!

The BOT Portal is here to empower you with knowledge, skills, and resources that will transform your OT practice. With a wide range of courses, training modules, treatment videos, and handouts, the Bot Portal has everything you need to thrive in the field of occupational therapy. Say goodbye to feeling stuck and hello to endless possibilities!

No more sleepless nights worrying about lacking ideas for treatment interventions. The BOT Portal provides a wealth of evidence-based strategies, creative activities, and treatment plans tailored to various populations and conditions. You'll gain a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of confidence in your ability to provide effective interventions that truly make a difference in your clients' lives.

Goodbye Imposter Syndrome!

Imposter syndrome will be a thing of the past as you immerse yourself in the BOT Portal's supportive community. Connect with fellow OT practitioners, share experiences, and learn from each other's successes and challenges. You'll realize that you're not alone in your journey, and together, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way.

Say goodbye to feeling lost in a world dominated by physical therapy. The BOT Portal is exclusively designed to meet the unique needs of OT practitioners. You'll discover resources specifically curated for occupational therapy, ensuring that you have the tools and knowledge to navigate this specialized field with confidence and expertise.

The ONLY solution for your OT Career

So, take a leap of faith and step into a world of endless possibilities with the BOT Portal. Embrace the opportunity to grow, learn, and elevate your practice to new heights. Let go of self-doubt and embrace your role as a skilled and compassionate OT practitioner. The BOT Portal is here to support you every step of the way, empowering you to create meaningful change in the lives of your clients. Join us and unlock your full potential as an occupational therapist. 💪🌟

What's Included in the BOT Portal?

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The BOT Portal Resources are constantly evolving. It is a place for occupational therapy practitioners to embrace occupational therapy. Whether in pediatrics, outpatient, skilled nursing, inpatient, home health, or telemedicine, learning the information in the Portal will change your career.