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Brain Awareness Month Bundle

Ultimate Occupational Therapy Course Bundle  - Access to all courses listed below for ONE WHOLE YEAR!

Unlock unparalleled value with our comprehensive Occupational Therapy Course Bundle, now available for a limited time at an unbelievable price! This extensive collection, originally worth $1490, is now on sale for just $199. Designed specifically for occupational therapy practitioners, this bundle includes a wealth of knowledge and practical skills to enhance your practice and improve patient outcomes. However, this incredible offer won't last forever and can be withdrawn at any moment—so seize the opportunity now and invest in your professional growth today!

Courses Included:

1. Documentation Collection:
Master the art of precise and effective documentation to ensure clarity and compliance.

2. Evaluation and Treatment Collection:
Enhance your skills in comprehensive patient evaluation and innovative treatment strategies.

3. Trunk, Pelvis, Posture, & Balance in Occupational Therapy:
Gain in-depth knowledge on stabilizing the core and improving balance for better patient outcomes.

4. Upper Extremity in Occupational Therapy:
Learn advanced techniques for treating upper extremity conditions.

5. Goal Writing Collection:
Develop SMART and effective goals tailored to your patients' needs.

6. Defensive Documentation:
Protect yourself and your practice with robust documentation strategies.

7. Dual Tasking and Cognition in OT:
Explore the intersection of cognitive and physical therapies to optimize dual tasking.

8. Lower Extremity in Occupational Therapy:
Focus on strengthening and rehabilitating lower extremity functions.

9. SMART Goals for Occupational Therapy:
Master the creation and implementation of SMART goals in therapy sessions.

10. OT Clinical Transformation Course:
Transform your clinical practice with cutting-edge strategies and insights.

11. Introduction to the OT Process in Physical Rehabilitation:
Get a comprehensive overview of the OT process in physical rehabilitation settings.

12. Foundation of OT Clinical Practice:
Build a solid foundation in essential OT clinical practices.

13. NMRE (97112) for OTPs:
Understand and apply neuromuscular reeducation techniques effectively.

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