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Dual Tasking and Executive Function in OT

Begin your journey of addressing cognitive dual tasking in occupational therapy!

What you'll get:

  • 10 Printable Resources from the BOT Resource Portal related to this course
  • Increased confidence to address cognition in your daily practice 
  • Increased confidence to communicate the vantage point of an OTP when addressing cognition.


Time-Ordered Agenda:  

1. Dual Tasking Vocabulary (18:56)

2. Overview of Neuroanatomy for Dual Tasking (27:12)

3. Concepts of Dual Tasking (45:13)

4. Case Example and Application (17:37) 


Course Objectives:

  • The learner will summarize  the definition at least  5/5 vocabulary words to demonstrate an understanding of core vocabulary used in Dual Tasking

  •  The learner will accurately discuss elements of cognitive load as it relates to one occupation-based example. 

  •  The learner will summarize at least 4 aspects of cognition in occupational therapy.


Completion Requirements

1. Learner must watch the video-based training in its entirety 

2. Learner must answer mixed format questions (multiple choice/ true or false) to demonstrate learning objectives/course objectives have been met. 


AOTA CEUs/Contact Hours:  

1.82 Contact Hours / Pending AOTA CEU Approval


Date and Course Completion Requirements:

The material will be accessible to you AT YOUR OWN PACE FOR 1 YEAR or the duration of your Thrive Membership (whichever is applicable). You must complete this course within that time period. You must complete all course objectives and applicable assessments.


Ask Questions:

This is an asynchronous learning platform. Submit questions via e-mail, receive answer via video/audio whichever is appropriate posted to website (FAQ page)


Level of Difficulty: Moderate 

Although focus is on providing general introductory information, the content is geared to practitioners with little knowledge of cognition and neuroanatomy. New learners are encouraged to take this course at a slower place to ensure each concept is understood before moving on. 


Target Audience:

Occupational Therapy (OT/OTA) students and practitioners looking for additional instruction on introductory and foundational knowledge of the OT profession and how to use the OTPF-4 for confidence and clinical application. 



Asynchronous Online Learning Platform



Buffalo Occupational Therapy will be organizing and delivering the program, and Michelle Eliason, MS, OTR/L  will be teaching!


Instructional Methods:

(1) Webinar (2) Powerpoint Slides  (7) Ability to ask questions throughout the year and have them be answered via audio or video on the FAQs page.



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